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 Nice, emotionless supper. ( Part 4)

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PostSubject: Nice, emotionless supper. ( Part 4)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:17 pm

Allie comes in the room, the assassin getting himself ready for supper downstairs. "Hey.. Handsome" she says in a flirtous language. He looks back, bare chested, and says "Oh, Hey Allie.. " His voice weak and soft as always. He looks at her eyes, then to the ground. "Suppers almost ready, so dress cute" She says, but leaving as she says this. He cocks an eyebrow, but shakes his head. He puts on his shirt, his skinny, white shirt. And leaves toward the room. Aladenite stops him in his tracks, and so cherubic, he asks the man "Do you like Allie?" the assassin looks up and then answers "No, she's just a friend" He walks past the boy, not moving his facial expression, his eyes, though, move across the hallway. Once down the steps, he looks to the family enjoying themselves, he being the only one, in which there's no happyness in him. A grey blob, in a colorful environment. He stands up, elegantly, and opens the chair, for Allie's mother, then Allie. He sits down, her mother quietly impressed, but he looks down to the table. Not saying a word, he carefully looks up at the Aladenite, and smirks a bit. Aladenite just sits there, looking at his father. Her father suddenly speaks out "Well, what is your name?" the boy looks up at the father "What is yours?" He asks, smart mouthed. "Hm.. Grandlean, my friend." He replies, but the boy shows no interest in telling his name. His mother changes the subject by serving the food. Everyone digs in, but the boy, just stares mindlessly at the food. He looks around, then stares at the spoon. He hesistantly, grabs it, and dips it into the soup, then taking it out, putting it into his mouth. He swallows the soft and creamy soup, and then smiles. Without saying a word, he walks toward his dorm.
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Nice, emotionless supper. ( Part 4)
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