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 Lord Ku: The Lord of Alchemy

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PostSubject: Lord Ku: The Lord of Alchemy   Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:36 am

Lord Ku
The Lord of Alchemy

Habbo Name: HabboVisitor.

Character Name: Lord Ku.

Character Age: 46
Character Zodiac: Aries

Character Class: Alchemist.

Character Race: Human.

Characters Height: 4'6 ft.
Characters Weight: 85 lbs.

Characters Eye Color: Purple.

Characters Personality:
[Positive] Peaceful; Calm; Wise;
[Negative] Hot-Headed;

Characters Background:
Ku, the Lord of All Alchemy in the current world. After the war, as one of the Five Alchemists, he decided to move away from the Alchemy and started a "new" life. He had a nice and clean house but then, suddenly, some organization destroys his his house and his "life". Thus, he started to search everything about this organization. In the end, he found out that there was no information about them, and that everything he has done has become useless.
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Lord Ku: The Lord of Alchemy
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