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 Relik The Dark Elf

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Relik Kichin

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PostSubject: Relik The Dark Elf   Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:59 pm


Habbo Name:Freak22


Character name:Relik Kichin

Character age:19

Character Class: Assasin

Character Race:Drow
Characters Hight:5 Feet 7 inches

Characters Weight:137 LB.

Characters eye Color:Dark Purple

Characters Personality:Due to the war Relik doesn't open up to people , he reveals little about himself to others , when he does make a friend he protects them with his life for he feels as it is his responsibility.

Characters Past:Relik was born in an eerie forest , when he was about seven years old a small war party from the kingdom of light came and burnt his forest to ash. Every other Drow was killed . He only survived by hiding in a hole behind a small waterfall that only he could fit in. He grew up hating the light for what they had done and when he turned fifteen forged his own sword and named it Durere (translated to pain).

Characters Apparence:Relik has blue skin , pointed ears and dark purple eyes, and long white hair. Theres a long scar that runs down his neck that he got from a fight with an elf.

He looks somewhat like that ( exclude sword and armor)

Characters Weapons: (Desc. or picture) His Sword Durere is a purple blade with a small black Pearl on the end of the hilt.
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Relik The Dark Elf
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