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 Soshi The Assassin

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PostSubject: Soshi The Assassin   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:17 pm


Habbo Name: Death88


Character name: Soshi

Character age: 21

Character Class: Assassin

Character Race: Elemental

Characters Hight: 6' 5"

Characters Weight: 130

Characters eye Color:
Human form: brownish/green
In element form: red

Characters Personality: nice, sneaky, quiet, unknown

Characters Past: Soshi grew up not knowing his family but he always knew that he was an elemental because he could control elements. He wasn't always an assassin but he was brought to a school for the gifted killers he graduated from the school quick because he used the elements and the wep they gave him his wrist blade. Sense he graduated from the school hes killed 20 people. To this day he is looking for his family but in the back of his head he knows that he will never find them.

Characters Apparence:

Elemental form

Characters Weapons:
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Soshi The Assassin
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