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 Chay Suiten

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PostSubject: Chay Suiten   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:50 pm


Habbo Name: ChayPayne


Character name: Chay Suiten

Character age: 13

Character Class: Mage

Character Race: Elf

Characters Hight: 4ft 5

Characters Weight: 5 st.

Characters eye Color: Blue

Characters Personality: Weary, Stubborn, Coucious

Characters Past: Chay Grew up with his uncle in a small village by him self helping his uncle at his resturant everyday wahsing dishes. Chay had heard romours about such arts as Hydrokenisis, an old man in the village square would talk about such powers and one day Chay went down to talk to him and had decided that he wanted to learn these powers. So one day , Early in the morning around about 3:00am he packed a small backpack and left the village leaving behind a small note telling his uncle what he was doing.

Characters Apparence:

Characters Weapons: Small Wooden Staff, Knuckle Knifes
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Chay Suiten
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