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 Hm.. Assassin or not? (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Hm.. Assassin or not? (Part 1)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:18 pm

A beautiful day in spring, the flowers blooming, the scent of the newly brewed honey. The bees never looked busier, a silent boy, walks down a dirt path. His robes fluttering in the wind, he stops suddenly, then, showing no emotion, he walks forward into the great city walls. Once inside of the fresh bread scented alley, he looks down further into the marketplace, despite the yelling for sales and children playing. His appearance is judged and snickered upon by town's people, they looking so suspicious. Walking down forward, a small beggar, seems to approach him. "Sir... If you are looking for a place to eat, my father's bakery..." He nods, the boy acknowledging the gesture, so peacefully, he walks down the bakery. The man follows behind, entering the source of the scent, the scents that flows so beautifully, it enters his nose, leaving him relaxed. He sits down on the table, waiting for a waitress, to appear. A tanned skinned, honey eyed, waitress appears shortly, a small scent of perfume. His Amber colored eyes, look up to the lady here. "Hello..?" Looking toward, the teenage boy. He breaks his trance, and then nods, replying in a small, soft whisper. "Tea..." His voice being slightly weak, yet strong. The waitress leaves, and a boy comes in after. "Hey, Sir. Can you spare a few pence and silver?" He reaches into his bag, pulling out a small copper coin. He places it in the hand of the boy, he grinning gently, it slowly fades into a smirk. "Is that all?" The boy asks, so ungrateful. He shakes his head once again, this one weaker. The waitress comes, and slowly pushing the boy aside here, she fixes her blonde hair. He looks up to the waitress once again, seeing her teenage form. "I'm Allie, but excuse my brother, he can sometimes be so... Annoying" She apologizes, but hides her feelings in a graceful sneeze. "Bless... You.." He looks down, as he says this. She hands him the cup of tea here, but placing her hand on his then, she slightly digging into his sleeve, flirty. She feels a cold, sharp object, that stroke fear into her heart. He places his hand away, showing no emotion. "W-whats.. Your name?" She asks nervously. He looks up fast here, his eyes meeting hers. She notices that his eyes, are a graceful amber, so silently, yet so beautiful.They trance at each other, but he breaks it, looking down to the cup. He digs into his bag then, pulling out two silver coins. He seems to hand it over to her, then, he stands up suddenly. Walking out of the door, leaving Allie tantalized after him. The cup emits a soft, innocent smoke. He walks out the store then, turning right, walking further, deeper, into the town.
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Hm.. Assassin or not? (Part 1)
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