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 Merci DeMarqui

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PostSubject: Merci DeMarqui   Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:26 am


Habbo Name: EnticedTouch


Character name: Mercutia DeMarqui

Character age: Unknown.

Character Class: Necromancer.

Character Race: Vampire.

Characters Height: 5' 5"

Characters Weight: 120.

Characters Eye Color: Grey purple.

Characters Personality: Merci's currently a slightly calmer creature, but only when she's around Aduem, the only person she seems truly capable of loving. Still, she is extremely dangerous when either of them or their family is threatened, and unusually gorey, willing to do anything to save them. She is a newly changed vampire, and was previously already skilled with aura control, which was extended as she was changed. In that, she decided to start to organize her family, and possibly some of the other vampires around that she knows, to create a more powerful and intelligent race.

Characters Past: Merci was originally a dark angel, changed by Aduem not too long ago. Originally, she was totally ruled by darkness, and used it to her benefit, though she still does. From that time until her change, she focused mainly on building her aura's power and strength, making it extremely strong.

Characters Appearance: Merci has midlength midnight black hair, and ice pale skin. Her eyes are the only real colour on her body, besides her red lips. They shine a strange purple-grey, making them look just as cold and threatening as the rest of her. She wears a body-fitted grey shirt, and long black pants with hilts on the belt. Her hands have black, fine leather gloves.
And this is her in a party dress:

Characters Weapons: Merci carries an array of unhilted blades [ blades that are just the blade and almost no flat, and no handle ] , which makes it impossible for any of the people she is attacking to pull out the weapon. When she doesn't work with those, she uses her aura to take down more powerful opponents.
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Merci DeMarqui
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