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 Ilosia Indiel ~ The Empath Of Ages

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The Empa

PostSubject: Ilosia Indiel ~ The Empath Of Ages   Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:12 pm

--+ Character Name: Ilosia Indiel
--+ Character's Alias: "The Empath Of Ages"
--+ Character's Gender: Female
--+ Character's Age: 17
--+ Character's Height: 5'7"
--+ Character's Weight: 112 lbs.
--+ Character's Bloodtype: O-


--+ Character's Personality & Extras:

Notable Scars/Injuries: None
Disability/ies: Mute - Cannot Speak
General Physical Ability: Weak
Optimist/Pessimist: Optimist
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert When Around Strangers
General Alignment: Who She Feels Is Generally Light-Sided
General Intelligence: Unfathomably Intelligent
General Attitude with Friends: Loyal and Humorous
General Attitude with Enemies: Brutal, Unforgiving
Opinion of the World: There will be peace... one day
Mental Endurance: High
Favorite Quote: " .. *silence*."


--+ Character's Origin: Ognarth's Forest
--+ Character's Profession: Bard - Musician
--+ Character's Ability: Empathy - Advanced
--+ Character's Control Over Ability: 9/10%


--+ Character's Inventory:

[+] Ruby Red Cloak - Hooded
- [-] Left Pocket: Ocarina
- [-] Right Pocket: Canteen
[+] Silk Leggings
[+] Fishnet Underbrace
[+] Flat-Sole Sandals
[+] Leather Strap Holster - Harp


--+ Character's History:

Born in Ognarth's Forest, a place forbidden by most, she wasn't cared for by a maiden at birth, only by her father and mother. Harden with guilt, her parents found shame in that they did not invest in a midwife for their daughter's birth, otherwise she would not be mute. Ilosia Indiel, a very singsong name, with a high pitch at the end. Tis what her parents thought of her the first time they saw her. Several years later, her parents were brutally murdered in the same home, which sparked her abilities in empathy. She felt their pain and drew it within herself, though their injuries were severe to death, she did not die herself. Filled with anguish, she left the home and started venturing out into the world.

At the age of ten, she began learning how to "speak" using hand motions and such, or projecting thoughts or feelings into other's mind. At this time, she began to be able to control her empathic abilities, and born a talented musician, usually incorporated her feelings in her music. A soft melody would lull unsuspecting enemies to sleep, or a rough ballad would smite one with severe anger. Her powers had already surpassed those that had been training all their life. Being an empath, she could easily identify who was "light" and who was "dark".

Thirteen came along, and she became highly sensitive with her abilities. Someone crying would bring her to tears and someone dying would share their pain with her. Now, she could inadvertedly heal those around her using Quantum Touch, something only a few have mastered. Quantum Touch required her to become one with the vibrations in another's being and the emotions within them, and project her own with her good health, healing broken bones and severe injury. If only she could do this when her parents were dying. In time, she could completely control a weak mind.

At the age of seventeen, she could project thoughts and emotions to not only humans, but animals as well. While playing her harp or ocarina, flocks of birds would crowd around or place anyone in the field of sound into a lulling sleep. With these heightened abilities, she could potentially kill someone by forcing immediate emotions through the mind, but this only worked on mindless creatures. Though mute, her music and dances are sure to spread the light throughout the land and end this endless battle.
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Ilosia Indiel ~ The Empath Of Ages
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