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 Akitaku Satachi

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PostSubject: Akitaku Satachi   Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:06 pm

Habbo: Akitaku

Name: Akitaku Satachi

Height: 7ft

Weight: 100lbs

Age: 426

Body Features:
All rotting skin and exposed bones, except for the head
the head is made of pure metal which conceals the soul inside.
the head has nothing inside it except for the soul, therefor no organs.
Jaw is snapped on the left side, so understanding him is hard.

Race: Undead

Class: Necromancer

Clothing: Heavy Robing, a large hood casting the face
into the shadows and the rest covering the whole body.

Gender: Male

Weapons: Cryptic Stave

Past: Died 415 years ago, when he was 11 his whole family was killed by necromancers of the dark side, he was brainwashed and summoned into a minion of the dark with no owner. He doesn't know very much of the world.

Abilities: Known for casting very condensed and confusing illusions against his foe's.
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Akitaku Satachi
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