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 Spade Roserio - Lycan hybrid - bio

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PostSubject: Spade Roserio - Lycan hybrid - bio   Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:42 pm


Habbo Name: Spademan123


Character name: Spade Roserio

Character age: 13

Character Class: None

Character Race: Hybrid [Lycan vampireic youkai]

Characters Hight: 5.7"

Characters Weight:113

Characters eye Color: Yellow

Characters Personality:Spade is a vampire and a lycan thus being a hybrid.Being very shy and mellow around people he doesent know.Spade has a dark aura and a light aura the good aura being yellow and the dark aura being purple.Spade tends to play around like a puppy form time to time he thinks life should not be lived unless you make it fun.Spades Dark Aura form is not all that dark its comes to life when spade is happy or in sadness.His Dark aura form uses dark aura and will kill almost any one doing something bad this can be used to kill or help people.

Characters Past:Spades past is a very dark one his father being a vampire and his mom being a lycan.Spade and his little brother were tortured and abused for 3 years of there life by vampires and there very own father.Spades mother was killed by his very own father.Spades brother has died form spades blood crazed moment form his father tortureing him one to many times.Spade still thinks of the day he has died never being able to forgive him self.

Characters Weapons:
Spades chains have a dark aura mixed with life aura being coated with Aura and a high tainted metal.
the chains have thorn like spikes running down them with a kunai at the end.
Black dragon knife:
this knife is coated with dragon bone and a strong Dragon hide skin.
spade can tranfur his aura to his knife to make it more powerful in combat
spades katana has a small blade into the end of its handle and can come out at spades will.
the blade has a thick coated dragon skin over it but makes the blade so much better to cut with better ease.Being able to cut threw a dragons head in no time flat

Lycan Forms:

Human Form:

Dark Aura Form:

Human/Lycan forms:

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PostSubject: Re: Spade Roserio - Lycan hybrid - bio   Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:18 pm

Aha. xD
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Spade Roserio - Lycan hybrid - bio
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