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 Vincent Valentine ;; Draconian

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ClownsCrown // Dre

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PostSubject: Vincent Valentine ;; Draconian   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:44 pm


Habbo Name: ClownsCrown


Character name: Vincent Valentine

Character age: 15

Character Class: None

Character Race: Draconian[Custom Race]

Characters Hight: 6"0

Characters Weight:175

Characters eye Color: Red

Characters Personality:He is a very Quite person and is very helpful when need be. He one of those quiet strong types... Outside he looks like a normal human being, but inside he has the heart of a dragon and a hero.

Characters Past: Vincent was born in a Tribe of humans that live in harmony with dragons in mountains. In Exchange for there services to hte dragons after a long period of peace nad servitude. The Dragon king presented his people with a gift. The Abilty to transform into a dragon or half dragon or summon dragon parts. Similar to the Draken, only thing diffrent is they can control what they want to turn into. Thus these people were known as Draconians. There Natural warrior made them very powerful and influencal. They were teh elite in everytghin htey did. But the Empire didnt like this power. So he began a war with teh Draconians/ It was a long grusome battle that spilled blood of many people. Eventually hte Empire realized straight up battlesd wit hte Draconians wouldnt help. So they decided to plot a fake peace treaty singing. Withteh Draconian lord and his army in one room. All the sudden the romm burst into arrow fire that struck draconians all in there place. Wiping tem form the face of hte earth. It seemd like they were wiped out. But the Kings caution was a good one. He made sure a colonyof Draconians lived on in hte mountains of hte dragons. He left his son Vincent in charge of the Clan. He lives on in peace not reveling what he is ot hte peopel openly.

Characters Weapons: Cerebrus
This is a certain weapon that anifest the aura of Vincent and can fire it from long distances. This Aura can turn into a fire ball dpeending on hte will of Vincent. IT is a three barrel weapon that can shoot three times and it wont run out unless Vincent runs out of Aura.

Half Dragon Form:

Full Dragon Form:

Human Form:
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Valentine ;; Draconian   Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:26 pm

Since when did you join the rp?
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Vincent Valentine ;; Draconian
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