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 Such a fun playtime... (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Such a fun playtime... (Part 2)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:24 pm

The boy was walking, walking down a dirty road, so poor. His robes and unblemished face, was over ranked by the residents of the alley. A group of kids, small, so cherubic, gather around him now "Hey mister, I bet you can't find us" they all say in chorus. He ignores then, but is blocked off by two obese kids. "Excuse.. Me." His voice almost a whisper, but so demanding. A smaller kid, reaches into his back pocket, then, taking a wallet along with him. The boys run, but he easily recognizes the loss of weight. He flickers after the kids, the blink being so silent, the wind moving slowly after him. He chases after the two, over weight, boys. He doesn't seem to smell the gold or silver, so he easily knocks them down. He continues his run, to two other boys, this time one charges for the alley. One running straight, he then so peacefully, walks inside of the alley. He looks to the scared, trapped boy, he being silent, no emotion. His walk, strikes fear into his mind, but the assassin flicks his wrist instead, the wrist knife flicking from the sleeve. The boy notices it, and begins to tear, loudly. The assassin picks him up by the collar, and raises him against the wall. Showing him the blade, in front of his eyes, smirking a bit. "I found you.. This was such a fun playtime, wasn't it?" He says to the boy, jokingly. The boy in fear, drops the bag of money. The assassin sends him to the side, into the trash, but he continues his walk from the alley here, walking down, deeper, into the town.
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Such a fun playtime... (Part 2)
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