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 Lord Sabroan Motomi

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Flanel Toaster

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PostSubject: Lord Sabroan Motomi   Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:18 pm


Habbo Name: FlanelToaster


Character name: Sabroan Motomi

Character age: Unknown, Suspected to be around 400

Character Class: Assassin

Character Race: Drow

Characters Height: 6"7'

Characters Weight: 234 Lbs

Characters eye Color: Cyan

Characters Personality: Sabroan keeps mostly to himself, however if someone were to annoy him in any way, he would quickly act. Ruthless in battle, Sabroan loves to fight, but loves it more when others fight for him. Mostly quiet and calm, he thinks situations through before acting hastily, unlike most people he knows.

Characters Past: Sabroan Motomi, born in an unknown location, was cursed with a family who hated him. His patience grew thin one day, and he assassinated his mother and his father. Once on his own, Sabroan met with a dark mage, whom which gave him the deal of his life. Every 30 years, Sabroan delivers a young soul to this dark mage. The mage sucks the life out of the young one, sometimes ending their life. This is then transfered to Sabroan, granting him almost eternal youth. Although he can still be killed, Saboran has mastered the art of the Assassin as he aged. Today, he roams this earth, doing as he sees fit, and taking orders from no one.

Characters Apparence: Sabroan has long, white hair. He bears a tattoo of the dark mage who grants him his youth, which burns when it is time for a new sacrifice. He usually wears black under-attire and a set of elegant robes overthem.

Characters Weapons:

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Lord Sabroan Motomi
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