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 Itio = my character

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PostSubject: Itio = my character   Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:02 pm

-; Habbo Name: Ienzu
-;Sexual Orientation: Male

=== In Character Information ===

-; Character Name: Itio
-; Character Race: Tiger Youkai
-; Characters Age: 13 years olds
-; Characters Height: 5'5"
-; Characters Weight: 120 lbs.
-; Eye Color: Blue
-; Characters Class: None
-; Hair Color:
-; Relationship Status: Single
-; Sexual Feelings: Straight
-; Zodiac: Leo

=== Personal Character Information ===

-; Physical Attributes: Strong , Fit , Cool

-; Physical Description: He looks as if though he trains everyday all day

-; Emotional Description: He is happy with his life and hopes ti live a long time

-; Likes: Fruit / Meats / Animals / Forests

-; Dislikes: Heights / Death

-; History: He grew up int eh forest living off the few things that it grew he finally found a cave that he could live in but that very same day he founf out that that cave had been inhabited by Tigers the tigers raised him as one of there own becuase the boy was tiger Youkai they all got along great but thne the boy wondered off alone and left his tiger family behind.
=== Family ===

-; Family Last Name: N/A
-; Family Members: None
-; NPC Members: None

=== Character's Arsenal ===

-; Inventory: Food / Money / Bandana

-; Weapons: Wrist Blade

=== Character's Pictures ===

Animal Form -

Human Form -

Weapon -
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Itio = my character
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