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 Arcane Magics, And Luna

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PostSubject: Arcane Magics, And Luna   Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:36 pm

Twisted Evil Dekaru's Arcane Magics Twisted Evil . Exclusive to him, and him only, save for the others he deems worthy to weild these awesome powers.

Arcane: in a nutshell, the most powerfull dark magics ever created. they manifest in so many different ways it is difficult to master it as a whole, but it has been done by two people only. The man who created arcane imagined it as a black magic drawn from magically enhanced dark matter. On touch it will erode the matirial it is on, and no land in the universe has been known to resist its power. Nothing within the lands can resist the great power of this property. Nothing. the only other thing that can even hope to combat arcane is pure light magic, or pure dark magic, which can usually be wielded by mages of eaither side. Even then the arcane spreads lieka poison, only more deadly, so it has to be taken with extreme care. It usualy manifests itself in some form of physyical stage in its weaker phase, such as vines or snakes. Perhaps other demons, or shapes of them anyways. At the touch it will erode the body like a poison, or any other matirial that is thrown at it. it will spread, and trace out the veins from within the skin. the arcane can bind people down, then destory them as it burns through them like nothing before. The second phase of arcane manifests itself in the elements. Black fire arcane is very dangerous, as it takes the properties of fire. the only difference is that it cannot burn you, but erode you very quickly. In essence, it looses the damdging aspect of heat, but gains the damadging effects of arcane. this can be used with wind, water, and the other elements as well. the last stage is Pure arcane. Pure arcane literally erodes the users soula dn willpower, even when mastered. Using it for more than 5 min OOC time would drive the user insane, and destroy thier body in the most painfull way ever thought possible. Through arcane, only slower. each day the flesh would chip off, and the pain would simply be unbearable. the worst is, the pure arcane would control the user, therefore, create new nerve endings when the old ones died off, and use that to thier advantage. the pain is like being on fire constantly, only multiplied by 10. This is why pure arcane is rarely EVER used. pure arcane is the final stage, and manifests itself as what the user wills it to. The pure arcane balls that can br created implode on themselves every two seconds, on an atomic level, and keeps going every second. The arcane and user are unneffected, it just shows you that space and time itself are barely able to contain such a low amount. If a master, or the creater, were to unleash all of the pure arcane they wouldnt get far. Thier bodys would become nothing, but thier mind everything. they wouldnt control everything, but it would be more like a human body that never sleeps. it is undescribable how bad it would be for the person if it was triggered.

Arcane, as explained above, is a VERY powerfull force. It is to be manipulated, and that is how it has always been. the weakest form of arcane can take any form, from mist to buildings. from mountains to an atom. Of course creating a mountain would be impossible, it could be done with the properties of arcane. the second stage is manipulation of the elemtns using arcane to replace thier damadging properties. the third is simply hell on the user and the one it is being used agaisnt. these three stages are physical. the next three stages are Mental

Arcane, again, is the darkest force ever created. Ever. the creater has gone mad using it, as the power was too much for him, but he did infuse it within one other that is known now as the master of arcane. one day he will pass this on, but that day is yet to come. The Second aspect of arcane is mental. thats right, mental. Arcane can be used ina very different way then the other one expressed above. It gets a little complicated though, so bear with me. Arcane is controlled almost telekinetically at this point, and is passed through the minds blind eye, if you will. This allows most users to connect into other peoples minds using the dark force, but never in a good way. the user knows everythign about the person, and controls thier memories once inside. The first stage is the simple entrance of the mind. It is very ahrd in some cases where theer are "mind blocks" that people throw up. in this stage arcane can erode these, if you will, and get through them. this allows full acces to ones mind. the second stage is the actual reading of the mind, and re arranging of its properties. Using this stage, the user can literally arrange the brains signals in the way they please. the memories of the body can be taken or given, images can be projected or people can be inivsable to the body. The "invader" into the body's mind has control over thier sight, what thier brain relays as good and bad, and what they think is right or wrong. a pure human paladin could become the next hitler, but it takes a little bit of time. The final stage rivals prue arcane itself. This stage is so sinister that only two people in all of the lands ever created have mastered it. not even the universe has been able to match its power. on the mental level, things are done that should never be done. The pure "mental" arcane in this form has the power to change people. and when i say change i do mean, change. Thier bodies, thier minds, are totally controlled at this point. thier minds nothing, iliteraly. thier boides become shells and slaves of nothing more than a barely beating heart and a soul of once was. The Arcane user now has total manipulation of everything about them, from thier cells growth to thier cells death. The most brutal deaths and creations are done from here. The worst thing about it, is the transmitter aspect of it all. This pure arcane acts as a sort of mental bomb, and the shell its trigger. When the arcane is placed withint he mind, the memories wiped, and everything taken from them, they become a beacon. thier arcane read outs are highest here, and they become deadly to be near. the pure arcane that simply comes off of them, radiates off of them, is deadly for mroe than a few minuets. it is like a disease, and spreads faster than anything ever seen. Anything within 20 feet becomes ridden with this, and begins to slowly and agonizingly die with the pure arcane running through thier bodies. This part of arcane is truly the most sinister thing ever created, and NO other magic has ever even been attempted to rival it.

Luna: The Arcane infused blade.

Luna is the most feared blade that has been created in a long time. infused with pure arcane, just the mention of the word Luna in its context brings fear with it. Luna's power alone is outstanding. the blade can communicate with Dekaru. It speaks to him within his mind, and truly glows with black power. It holds a spirit inside. the creater of the lands, the world, and everything dark. His spirit was forever trapped inside when he was found to be truly too powerfull. the spirits name? Asyriel. The man was known as an acient race Dubed the Ashall'sai/ These beings were begins of pure arcane themselves. Crafted from purpose and hate rather than necessity, these beigns were once humans,. they hold untold power. they have unlimited magic reserves, and are in essence the most powerfull begins inthe world. None of them are left, as they died off tot he black hand. A group of Ashall'sai that controlled the world in the msot key parts of government and economy. What is left of the race is hidden, but Asyriel was kept inside the blade, and kept sentient. His spirit connects with Dekaru, and speaks with him. His power lays in wait within the blade, only waiting to be released. The blade itself can use the arcane stored within to many different ways. For one, anything struck witht he blade gets a heavy dose of arcane, those they may not relise it. the only indicator is the fact that thier blood will fail to clott at all. the only way to seal the wound is to negate the effects of the poison, which is pure arcane in itself. it is enough to run the blood black, then dry the body into nothing. it doesnt take much more than a strike to the flesh for the entire organ itself to shrivel and die. the blade can release arcs of pure arcane, that are somewhat diluted so they dont tear the very fabric of space and time itself. they tear through anything like nothing. a body in the arcs path wouldnt be much more than waving your hand through the air. the hand keeps going, and the air isnt going to stop it unless you will it to. The blade itself is never kept on Dekaru himself, but in the void. the void is a form of limbo, which is the world between worlds. the universe between the universe. It doesnt exists, but yet it does at the same time. the blade lays there in asyriels hands, only waiting to be called upon. when he comes out of limbo, he is instantly sealed within the blade. no one has been powerfull enough to unseal him since the great war in the begining, and it will always be that way. Always, untill someone can find the power THEY used to seal him.

Dekaru's last ability uses the prinicpal of pure arcane, which rips portals open. literally. This happens instantly, and all the person sees is him disspating his form. Which is what he does, but he uses pure arcane to do it. this only takes one trillionth of a second for the pure arcane to split his form, and dekaru is strong enough to pull himself together instantly where he needs to be. He can use this ability with luna, because it is infused and enchanted with asyriels power. He can reform the blade, himself, or simply a part of his body. sometimes when in battle he reforms the blade only in the air, to swing it at the enemy, and slices them with it. He uses this as well to "teleport" in the shadows.

To Contain all of this amazing power, dekarus body is always robed. His body is a mess with runic symbols and the most powerfull of seals to keep his physical body together. His real body is nothing more than a being of pure arcane. a mist of it if you will. the body he resides in is HORRIBLY disfugred and mutilated with the carvings of different runic symbols within his skin. they are carved not only into the flesh, but into his being, what he is. he is forever bound to the lands, and cannot go to hell or heaven. his soul and everything that is HIM is tied into this world. His mouth is tied down with arcane, but he can talk. It is his soul talking, not him in physical form. after playing with the arcane magics so long he has become, not physical, but simply a being. he has his phycial form, sure, but only his phycial form can die if not used with the right tools. something enchanted with the counter magics of arcane (still to be created) would strike him, and not his physical part. that is the only way to kill a being of arcane. His physical body is that of a mutilated robed horde, so he resides as the king of such.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane Magics, And Luna   Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:14 pm

Woww, Arcane has been godmodded as fuck since the last time I've read about it. o_o
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane Magics, And Luna   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:07 am

Ryan, this is God speaking.

I'm putting this here because a person I know provided me with the details to your website in regards to my work. Currently, I'm trying to keep RoA Terms off the internet entirely if I can, due to the fact I don't want to have to deal with legalities involved with having to sue the bejesus out of anyone using my content.

Currently you're using parts of MY work for your roleplaying, which is flattering I must admit but I'm going to have to request you remove anything pertaining to RoA from your RP profile due to the fact I don't want this information circulating about freely before the release of my work, because I just *know* some asshole is going to try and steal my work which is already copy righted when they see others using it.

The fact someone linked this website to me -- as you can probably tell should indicate the gravity of the situation. While it's nothing incredibly serious at the moment, this is something that could become serious at a later date, and while it is not something that will affect you directly it is something I will have to deal with at some point in time.

So, as one friend to another and an old RP manager, I'm asking you politely to remove my work and refrain from using it from RP until I have everything completely sorted out.

Names aren't a horrible issue, but there are some names I'd rather not have to fight over. Send me an e-mail when you get a chance -- you know who I am. There's only one thing in particular that I want removed from this CS; the rest is fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane Magics, And Luna   

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Arcane Magics, And Luna
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