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 Dekaru ;; The Demon Of the Darkness.

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PostSubject: Dekaru ;; The Demon Of the Darkness.   Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:09 pm

Habbo Name: Acemac5

Character name: Dekaru

Character age: Unknown. (millions of years old. This char was around 5 years ago when i started in an rp like this.)

Character Class: Mage.

Character Race: Horde.

Characters Height: 6'4

Characters Weight: Unknown. (his physical form is 180 pounds.)

Characters eye Color: Full jet black.

Characters Personality: Dekaru likes to mess with people. It is possibly the biggest understatement that has ever been uttered. he is cocky, and knows that he cannot be beaten. He loves the thrill of a GOOD fight, though they are rare. His empire is cherished, but he has seen it rise and fall so many times he has grown to not care. He is a sentient of darkness, and is as such in his immortal form.(he can die btw, just in a certain way)

Characters Past: WAYYY to long to even start to get into that. trust me..

Characters Apparence: See Arcane in the skills topic

Characters Weapons: See Arcane in the skills topic.

(note: This char has been living through AoD on mycoke, or cokemusic as some may know it, then onto the first Mrpg, then the second, the third, and then alans whole Rpg's. Now it has come onto this one through 5 years of Rping. He is very old, and to explain him through and through would be tiresome beyond years. His one magic alone is listed in the skills, and is like a novel.)
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Dekaru ;; The Demon Of the Darkness.
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