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 Skar the Undead Lord ;;

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PostSubject: Skar the Undead Lord ;;   Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:43 pm

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Character name: Skar

Character age: 235

Character Class: Warrior

Character Race: Undead

Characters Height: 5'11

Characters Weight: 119Ibs

Characters eye Color: Onyx

Characters Personality: Was very much a gential man, he has very sudden mood swings and will go on a blood lust to achive what he wants. He serves the dark side and often will kill off members of light. We respectas girls and will avoid battle with them He is very respectful to kids aswell from his pastlife he keeps his ways.

Characters Past: Once known as Count Lucian Stretrous, He was lord of a island far to the North. He lead his people in a pleaseing way but was hated by a crime group called the Golden Root. The Gang was after his blood for Lucian had stoped the Gang from a set of murders and robbings. The group of criminals then broke into the castle at night and slit the Counts neck leaving him dead. Many years after his death the city were he once ruled broke into total chaos. A set of necromancers came together to try to restore peace that once was in the Northern lands. They resummond the Fallen count and made him one of the living again. He wasn't the same though, his body pale and his words mummbled. He had a blood lust for all that caused pain to his people. He wandered to his city and killed hundreds who were causeing riot. He left the city in name to his brother who took rule and he travled South. Not knowing were he would go or what he would do. He went to a smaller city and became a ranger. Hunting those who outlawed and kept peace to some.

Characters Apparence: He wears a long but revealing cloth over hes waist. Along his arms are very large shoulder plates that weight a large amount. His body is very well framed and strong looking. He wears a cowl over his face to hide his eyes from the light and heat. He has several chains dangling from his body, they rattle to scar dangerous animals off and warn him when others are near. Under his nose is a large steel mask that covers his moth and neck, this keeping his words deep and cold sounding.

Characters Weapons: The blade was made in the swamps of the Misty Marsh. The forger was a old and twisted Dwarf, his soul was tourtured and beat from his captures. The blade is made of dimond and steel. The grip is cold and freezes a little on touch. It was givin to a Orc lord in order for the Dwarves life. The Orc lead several hundred onto the Hollow Hills to battle the force of Lucians the Human Count of the North. The battle went for many hours from men being pellted with arrows and periced by blades. At the center of a old ruin the Orc and Lucian met. Both blades whislted in the air when they clashed with one another. With a blow to the back of the head the Orc fell. His blood poured from the wound and onto the floor. Lucian took the new blade from the Orc. Its weight was nothing but touch was deadly. This blade holds the honor of Lucians men and the battle of the Hollow Hills.

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Skar the Undead Lord ;;
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