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 [Sodi] Vampire Discipline

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PostSubject: [Sodi] Vampire Discipline   Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:36 pm

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[Curses of the Assassin, by Merle DeMarqui]

Sodi is an attribute gifted only to those damned with eternal life; although, vampires in particular. It's been known that they perform a short ritual, which requires consuming their own dead blood before the curses begin. These dark secrets have taken down even the adamant of foes. Even the somberous beings that share this discipline.

+ Amplify the Wound; This curse advances the age and putridity of any wound. Now, blows will cut through the flesh, and rapidly fester and seethe.
+ Decrepify the Bone; Allows the player to weaken their opponent by breaking down their bones. So, as you attack them, their bones will easily break.
+ Drain the Vitae; Using so will tap into their body and drain vitae from them. Allowing you to reach within their bodies and literally suck the life form them, removing the essence, and consuming it as its own. Note: Draining all vitae will kill the victim.
+ Shield of the Gods; Give your foe a death they cannot forget. When this spell is in motion, the magicks that are casted upon you will absorb back to their skin, disabling them from using it. You can then direct the skill to kill them, if you wish.
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[Sodi] Vampire Discipline
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