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 Elaine Grief.

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PostSubject: Elaine Grief.   Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:25 pm


Habbo Name:


Character name:
Elaine Grace Grief.

Character age:

Character Class:
She does not have one, yet.

Character Race:
She is human, with no special talent.

Characters Height:

Characters Weight:
106 lb.

Characters eye Color:
Her eyes tend to change colors, at any time.

Characters Personality:
She is really different from her name; most of the time, she is really cheerful and she is basically most of a clumsy person. She has her depressing times. when people purposely try to bring her down. She is really upgoing and unselfish. She tends to put most people before her; always thinking of the other person. Her heart is in the right place, but has been broken many times by many of males.

Characters Past:
She was raised up by her mom; when her dad left her. But, then, her mom ended up leaving her at an Orphanage at the age of thirteen. She was taken in by a nice family; they had money, and the support to give her when she needed it. When she turned fifteen they unexpectedly got 'murdered'. No one ever really figured out what really happened to them. She, then, basically started taking care of herself. Teaching herself the way she should be. She began to think that all of this happened because of her. But, her heart tended to give in, and say " she should not put herself down, because of minor bumps in the road ". She is now basically a nomad, trying to live on her own.

Characters Appearence:

[In her summer dress.]

[ In her Kimoo, when she lived with her foster parents. ]

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Elaine Grief.
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