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 Aren Lightsmith

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PostSubject: Aren Lightsmith   Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:01 pm


Habbo Name: Lonelyguy152


Character name: Aren lightsmith

Character age: 16

Character Class: Archer

Character Race: Angel

Characters Hight: 6 foot 5 inches

Characters Weight: 100 lbs

Characters eye Color: silvery/gray

Characters Personality: impatient but very loyal to those he pledges suport to, dosent ussualy attack unless provoked or if an ally of his is attacked

Characters Past: hes a angel who sinned and lost his wings but by saving a human girls life his sins were forgoten how ever his wings are a gray color as a reminder that he can never live in heaven again only cross into its borders when the time needs for it. currently he roams around looking for some where to belong. he has always been aligned with the light side for as long as hes been an angel. he posses a pendant given to him by the human he saved she and here tribe belived it to be a item of high spirtual energy Aren keeps it but does not fully know how to draw power from it.

Characters Apparence: wears grey clothes, pendant around his neck. gray wings that have a couple scars running down the back of them. black bushy hair. sandals , carrys his bow on his back.

Characters Weapons: a white bow with blessed metal on the tips
a pendant that he cant fully control yet the pendant is a ruby red the pendant can only increase his power and magic abilitys for a very shot time or create a sheild to protect him from attacks [ sheild is easily broken by high spells or powerfull attacks ] it also alows him to do some magic [ small stuf like minor healing or small bariers]
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Aren Lightsmith
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