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 Trettan The Earth Elementalist

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PostSubject: Trettan The Earth Elementalist   Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:24 pm


Habbo Name: Eric0005


Character Name: Trettan

Character Age: Unknown

Character Class: Mage

Character Region: Nuetral Aura

Character Race: Elementalist

Characters Height: 6"1

Characters Weight: 130

Characters Eye Color: Blue/Green/Brown

Characters Personality: Very paceful, Down To The Earth Kind Of Guy.

Characters Past: Trettan was born many years ago before people of this land, he was very peaceful in the lands he survived in. As he grew he mastered his gifts (Terrakinesis+Spells) and became very common in the villages. He tried to bring peace and stop war in every possible appropriate way. He then stop trying when he seen there was nothing more he could do. He went unfound and never heard of for about 50 years and returned as a n elder. He now is very wise and strong in the mind and power.

Characters Appearence
Mage/Normal Apearence.

Element Form Appearence.

Characters Weapons: In Trettans normal form he weilds 2 books, 1 of spells and other of history and notes. He also weilds a staff with a emerald crystal ball the size of a head embedded ontop of it with emerald peices along the staff. The ball cannot be seen unless he summons it. In his element form he uses rock spikes, boulders, earth minerals, and magma on his foes.
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Trettan The Earth Elementalist
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