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 Juliet Maqenzi.

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PostSubject: Juliet Maqenzi.   Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:09 am


Habbo Name: iamsoocool1234


Character name: Juliet Maqenzi.

Character age: 13.

Character Class: Bard.

Character Race: Dark. Angel.

Characters Hight: 5"8

Characters Weight: 125

Characters Eye Color: Hazel.

Characters Personality: She can be very calm. Juliet can get very excited. She has a horrible temper.

Characters Past: Juliet lived with her father in a small house. She had no brothers nor sisters. Juliet had been walking down the street. As she skipped along she saw a man. He just smirked and tipped his hat. She nodded back to him and went home. The man followed her silently, knowing he had to wait till night to attack. When the moon rose into the sky the man walked up to the first door. Juliet woke up with a start, knowing something had stalker her. She hid under her bed. Then she heard a ear pericing scream. She remembered that it was her father's scream. From then on she knew should could not trust anyone. Not even the people she loved.

Characters Apparence: She has brown hair. It is usualy in a ponytail. She is fairly slim. Juliet does not look as strong as she is. Always has the head leaning to the left. She has a scar on her neck . She also has a scar under her left eye.

Eq.: A small Dagger, A Silver Flute, A pack, book & Pen.
Other Ability: Can hyptionize the person with her flute.

Juliet's Dog, Blaze:


Another Picture of Meh:

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PostSubject: roflmao x_X   Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:07 am

I can say its safe to say. after I dunno an hour of annoyance I finally got you to make your bio lol! I feel so smarticus study and somehow confusedicas scratch
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Juliet Maqenzi.
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