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 Rain Meigrand

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PostSubject: Rain Meigrand   Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:34 am


Habbo Name: Kalaksuki


Character name: Rain Meigrand

Character age: 18

Character Class: Medic

Character Race: Wolf youkai

Character's Height: 5'9"

Character's Weight: 134 lbs

Character's eye Color: Grey

Character's Personality: Unlike, the assassin, he is more active and alive. Though, his sarcasm is the only sense of humour. He doesn't remember much about his past, or who is he, or what is he doing here, just memories of being of guilt and misery. Something he looks for, he longs for is... Love.

Character's Past: He doesn't know anything of his past, no family, no friend, just the monotone repetitions of the word "Guilt" in his mind, that's all he feels.

Character's Appearance:
He is caring, and has an optimistic attitude. Although, he mentions a brother or cousins he doesn't know anything about them, not even their name.

Character's Inventory: He carries any medical supply you could imagine, from Halothane to operation materials. He has a wide selection of medicines, injections, and vaccines.

Animal Form:

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Rain Meigrand
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