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 City of Light ;;

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PostSubject: City of Light ;;   Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:36 am

In the city of light there lay a few dead men.
Thier necks slashed from ear to ear and carved down the chest.
On thier bodies there are nots written in a strange language.
It is hard to understand but you manage to make it out.
The letters on the men read.

Hehehe ..
For too long have we been in the shadows ..
For too long have we listend to the light ..
If war is comming ..
Let thy give the first blow to the light ...
And let them crumble under the rising shadow.

More will come ..
Brace yourselves ..

Maybe your leader will help you in this time of need ..


Bloody footsteps seem to drag out of the city,
They lead to the cold forest where shadows eem to have been growing.
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City of Light ;;
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