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 Buer: The Two Faced Worrior

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PostSubject: Buer: The Two Faced Worrior   Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:44 pm


Habbo Name: JakeDeathAngel


Character name: Buer Valkirine

Character age: 21

Character Class: Worrior

Character Reigon: Darkness

Character Race: Two Face

Characters Hight: 6'1

Demon Hight: 9'3

Characters Weight: 125 lbs.

Demon Weight: 305 lbs.

Characters eye Color: Light Grey

Demon Eye Color: Red

Characters Personality: If you become his friend he will treat you with the up most respect. But if you are even on his slightest nerve he will get angry very quickly. He has a very short fuse, and has very little patients. He could turn on you quickly.

Characters Past: Since seeing his Mother, Father, and family members get slaughtered he has never been the same, he was once a happy, playful and overall fun person. He was a wonderful child to have, never became angry, never held a grudge. But some where around his seventeenth birthday, his small village was raided by a group of horde. He got away just in time, he ran to the kingdom, where he thought it would be safe, but he did not know it was torn apart by light and dark. He ran into a dark lycan worrior. The lycan taught him how to fight and defend himself. After three years of learning from this lycan, he decided he was too good for him, and killed him with little ease. He spent a year walking around the kingdom, taking jobs of bount hunting, and assassainating for gold.

Characters Apparence:

Demon Apparence:

Demon Weapon:
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Buer: The Two Faced Worrior
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