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 Medical Record

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PostSubject: Medical Record   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:18 pm

Name: Not specified.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Test Analysis: His body, a slender form, but his heart rate is unnormal. Rest pulse going over 40, we wouldn't be surprised if he died, yet he looks calm and not bothered. WOlf ears and tail as his appearance? We though it was mutation, it is genetical, his immune system... It is Alien. Growing immunity instantly on contact with a virus. Black Plague, Yellow fever, and serious types of immunity affecting viruses. His spinal vertebrae shws signs of fading and worn out attributes, somehow he is changing form one form to another. Everytime he goes to sleep, he falls in coma, heavy E.M.T sleep. His psyhiclogic mind, is abonormaly healthy. We have agreed, we will process over to operation "War Lycan"

Test Transcript:
"Doctor! He is reacting violently to the treatment!"
"Administer Cellulinbitrate, his spinal cord.. It's changing"
"Cellulin Adminstered, he's going into shock"
"No... Inject Pellintisync"
"It's not working, we are checking his pulse"
"What about it"
"390 pulses per minute"
"He... He's dying"
"It's too late.. He's dead"
"It's no use, he wasn't it"
"Move on to the next one"
"No, Wait"
"Administer Palarensenate"
"I think it's working, his spazing is subsiding"
"Shouldn't we add V.E.R.T.?"
"No, he's regaining conciousness"
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Medical Record
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