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 Setai LeKato

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Setai Le

PostSubject: Setai LeKato   Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:20 pm


Habbo Name: CrackedRazors


Character name: Setai LeKato

Character age: 17

Character Class: Rogue

Character Race: Elf

Characters Height: 6'1"

Characters Weight: 156 pounds

Characters eye Color: Blue

Characters Personality:
Setai is very outgoing. He is always exploring and getting into trouble. People often underestimate his fighting ability because of his age. He tends to stay away from most people but is very open when you get to know him.

Characters Past:
Raised by his Grandfather, he was trained to use a sword. When he turned 15 his town was raided by Bandits and his Grandfather was killed trying to protect him. His town was burnt to the ground and he was found by a Human Paladin who trained him to use a sword.

Characters Apparence:
He has pale skin and very white hair. He permanently has bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and gruesome training.

Characters Weapons: (Desc. or picture) Black longsword with a jewel crested hilt at his left side, dagger in a small sheath round his ankle, walking staff strapped to his back.
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Setai LeKato
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