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 Accidentally on Purpose (Part 5)

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PostSubject: Accidentally on Purpose (Part 5)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:49 pm

Sleeping quietly in the room, the boy he turns and tosses asleep on the bed then. Allie sneaks into his room, her face with an intention. She slides onto the bed, sliding sneakly on his chest then, she opens up his shirt then, running her hand through it. He feels this, waking up in a hurry from this. He looks like at her, her at him. But she puts her legs around his waist, leaning closer to his face. His heartbeat pulses with fear of what she might do next, but something happens. His wolf ears appearing on his head then, and his wolf tail between his legs. She looks down to his tail, then to his ears. She looks at his eyes, her cat ears, and cat tail doing the same as he. Her eyes dialate, and suddenly presses her lips on his neck, he tries to push her off. She looses her balance on his then, they tumble to the floor, suddenly starting to rain, the large thud rumbles through the house, he ontop of her. Her father hears this, suddenly rushing up, only to see the two kids on the floor. He grabs the assassin by the collar, dragging him across the floor, out the door, into the pouring rain. He attempts to get up, but Grandlean throws his equipment into his ribs, this sends him back to the floor, his clothes, face, hair, soaked in cold rain.
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Accidentally on Purpose (Part 5)
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