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 Scientists?! (Part 6)

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PostSubject: Scientists?! (Part 6)   Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:45 am

Once in the cold rain, he takes a good look at the bakery, but decides not to burn it. He gathers his things, gets up, and walks down the cobbled path. He thinking of what to do next, he decides to sleep in an alley. He keeps walking down the, silent town at night, which the yelling for sales are gone, and the snicker and whispers of gossip-loving towns people. He looks down at the ground, then stares at the distorted reflection of himself, ruined by water ripples form the rain. Water drips down his hair, but he just stands there. Suddenly, two things hit his shoulders, two sharp needles. They shock, and he falls, white figures coming closer, bald heads, awful fear striking mask. They wore a red cross on their robes.

He woke up in a bright lighted room, yet no candles, it was all artificial."Magic.." He said, in a whisper-like voice. Several people wlak in the room, all wearing the same uniform. The side of the wall had a red cross, the walls were metallic and rusty. Beside him was a male, writing something on a peice of paper. The odd person looks at him, thne continues to write down. "Karalkren, you will write a transcript of what happened, we need it as evidence incase the Calryn goverment come and arrest us" The only odd colored speaks, he realize it could be the head of this clan. "Doctor, are you finished with the physical description?" Another one, in a weird machine speaks "Everything is done, sir, shall we proceed with immunity testing?"
A large needles comes down frmt he ceiling, into his arm, but does nothing. "Administer Human/Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, Yellow fever, and Blubonic disease" The needle injects the diseases, into his arm, and he is taken to a white colored dorm.

Days pass and he doesn't show signs of fever or Immunity weakend, he lays there, asleep, as he can see his own cells killing off the disease. He tosses and turns, but the scientists walk in the door. They grab him once more, and take him to the testing lab, in which his immunity is checked. "He gained immunity to all diseases, they didn't affect him" Karalkren said "Really? His blood might be the cure for H.I.V, these people need this cure. Take a blood sample." The head doctor spoke, the boy wondering what he is talking about. "Proceed with injecting Lycathopinide" He demands. The needles fills up with a silver liquid which is injected again, this time there is a silence period. His heartbeat increases, the spinal cords builds up, getting stronger. "Sir! He's going into cardiac arrest!" The doctor yells. The leader just stares in silence watching the boy foam from the mouth. "Doctor! He's reacting violently to the treatment" A doctor in a machine yells out.
"Administering Cellulinbitrate, but his spinal cord, it's changing" The leader yells, but this time worried.
"Cellulin adminstered, he's going into shock!"
"Inject Pellintisync!" He yelled, this time demanding.
"It's not working, we are checking his pulse"
"What about it?"
"390 pulse per minute"
"He's dying, we lost brain signals, they are shutting down"
"Inject Franeletatiside"
"No, he's dead. He died in in process"
"Damn, move on to the next one"
"No wait.."
"Administer Palaresenate"
"His heart beat it's coming back"
"We should stabalize him"
"Administer Ocariozonide"
"No, it might kill him again"
"Besides, he's regaining consciousness"


(My character story is based on this game, I do not own the youtube movie, game, or game title, it is owned by Sting and Atlus game corporations)
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Scientists?! (Part 6)
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