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 Dragon King???

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PostSubject: Dragon King???   Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:55 am

Hello, ryro94 here! Listen, I know I have asked you this already but incase you forgot, can I be dragon king? PLEASE???? I joined this rpg the day it came and out, and I was also the first dragon to join. Since then, I have been wanting to be the king of dragons. now picture this: A huge gold dragon that breaths out light energy = dragon king. HUH? yeaaaa... awsome! Now I know you might sominthing in return for this role, but I dont have anything. I was hacked a few weeks ago and now i have nothing. I do however, have respect so If you want all of my respect for this role then that would be even better. I will not abuse my privalges as king, and I promis not to be an asshole. So, PLEASE LET ME BE DRAGON KING! Sad
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PostSubject: ...You Are... -insert word here-   Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:36 am

Kay.. for one thing. Gold's Do Not Breathe Lightning
That is A Blue. Golds Breathe Fire? ;] Kthanks.. Second of all. anyone that is gonna be the dragon king Should be me.
i know more about dragons than Almost anyone in the rpg, been DRP For Quite awhile.. and.well yea ;]
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon King???   Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:11 pm

Do Dragons even have kings?
Not like they like each other really, They battle for land.
The only reason they would agree with others would be to mate.
Its almost battle of the fittest.

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon King???   Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:59 pm

That'd be cool, actually.
Think of it, an army of Dragons, with armor.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon King???   

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Dragon King???
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