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 Zane (The Loyal Drow)

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PostSubject: Zane (The Loyal Drow)   Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:16 pm


Habbo Name: ,NeonLies


Character Name: Zane

Character Age: 17

Character Height: ??

Character Eye Colour: Turqouise

Character Personality: Calm, Intelligent, Warm hearted and Dangerous When angered or harmed.

Character History: Zane has been born with care after that he travelled the world with delight getting offers from other races and stuff. He has been taught The element of Fire and Lightning.

Drow Appearance: White Skin, Pendant of Memories.

Drow Form:
His Calm Time.

Drow Weapons: Light Blades, Hidden Dagger.

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Zane (The Loyal Drow)
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