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 The Awakened

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PostSubject: The Awakened   Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:56 pm

Ryu woke up, seeming to be in a metal room with silver lining. The room was incredibly small just enough for 2 people and a table. He awoke on the table, looking around the room aimlessly trying to figure things out. There was a slit in the doorway, he moved over to it and called out. "Anyone here? Where is everyone?" A couple of whispered echoed through the large hallway. Two people enter the room, and pin him agenst the wall. His head hitting violently agenst the wall. "We need to get the essence out, it has tremendous power." said the men. They take out a needle, and inject him with this yellowish liquid. All of a sudden his body started to shake violently, dark tendirls coming out of his back. The men took out some device and shocked him repeatedly with it. The shaking subsided, and the tendrils ripped down the mens mouths. The tendrils expanded, blowing up their bodies like bollons. There bodys then split in half, Ryu making his way down the hall. There was blood everywhere as he walked, every person he encountered he eather impaled, split in half, or decapitated. Once he got to the enterence he found out that he was in the middle of the forest. He walks into the dense forest, making his way to what he thinks is salvation, the tendrils waving back and forth on his back.
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The Awakened
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