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 Ryu Dotonaru

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PostSubject: Ryu Dotonaru   Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:50 pm

;; OOC ;;

- Habboname: niccoolman

;; IC ;;
- Character Name : Ryu
- Character Age : 15
- Character Class : Ninja

- Character Race : Winged Elf - Some say that these types of elves were blessed and decendants of the angels and gods themselves. They have been blessed with theyre ability to fly and theyre beautiful wings that glitter in flight. They have Wing like horns that are right above theyre ears that curve backwards.
- Character Height : 5'3
- Character Weight: 122 lb
- Character Eye Color : Silver

- Character Personality : Calm , Quick Minded , Short Tempered
- Characters Past :
At a young age Ryu has been able to fly. He has always loved the air and has flyed at the cover of darkness. He has done this because those who thing the Winged Elves do not deserve to live are elves themselves. They have always thought this is a monstrosity until war broke out. They have been used for Air cover , Archery , Healing , and Stealth manuevers. They are very Agile and Quick in the air.
At the age of 13 he met a Person in dark robings. This person had become a Aquantice of him and Helped him on serious assasination missions. The person called Ryu to call him Mr.Beans they have been friends ever scince. Ryu has become a Ninja and a master of the Ninja arts called Ninpo. he knows the arts and has basicly mastered these arts " Art of the Inferno , Wind Blades , Pheonix Storm , Ice Age , Thunder Wave ".
Ryu has thought love to be over-rated, he has never thought to love just because the female was beautiful , or kind or calm, he saught to love because he had to populate his race which has decreased, and is nearly only him. It has decreased from 35,000 to 1,000 in one year and is now close 100. He has found many women suitable but he has thought of the women to be kind , caring , strong , and quick minded.
Like all ninja Ryu has the knowledge of Ancient Seals. Including the Seal of Healing , Destruction , and Teleportation. Ryu carries around Tablets in small needle like tubes.

- Characters Appearance : - When Wings Disapear because Grounded

- In the air

- at theyre strongest

- Character Weapons :
Heavanly Decender -
Nightly Death -
Silent Crunch -
Kunai Knives - We all know what they look like
Ipercinated Shuriken - A Shuriken shaped like a Kunai with a bomb on it
Shurikens - Ninja Stars
Pad of paper , One small Pen

- In his ninja uniform

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PostSubject: Re: Ryu Dotonaru   Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:37 pm

nice pics
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Ryu Dotonaru
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