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 Elysia "Peace-Maker"

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PostSubject: Elysia "Peace-Maker"   Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:40 pm

Name: Elysia.

OOC Name: Zach.

Habbo Name: KillingGrounds.

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Male.

Species: Elementalist; Tribal Human.

Height: 6'5.

Weight: 150 pounds.

Hair: Seems to change quite briefly, currently has some sort of Mohawk.

Eyes: Squinted dark black eyes, almost looks Egyptian.

Friendly, he consider's everyone his friend.
Helpful, he will do anything to help someone in need, and he will take you in as one of his follower's if you want him to.
Wise, he will probably out-smart you any day, he's been around long enough to understand what will keep you alive in this world, and that's peace.

He has Tribal Tatoos all over his body,
He wears a tainted robe with tribal writing that goes up to his neck with a hood,
He wears brown sandals also.
He owns a long wooden staff, with writing's over it also.

Pyrokinesis: Control of Fire.
Aerokinesis: Control of Air.
Hydrokinesis: Control of Water.
Terakinesis: Control of Earth (Not literally the Planet)
Electrokinesis: Control of Electricity.
Telekinesis: Ability to Minipulate Objects.

Combinational Spells;

Pyro Wave: Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis combine to form a wave, surrounded by fire powerful enough to throw and burn people.

Pyro Wheel: Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis combine to form a protective shield or barrier of fire. (May also be used to detain people)

Pyro Spear: Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis combine to form a spear made of pure flame. May be thrown at others.

Pyro Maelstrom: Pyrokinesis and Aerokinesis combine to form a "Hurricane" of fire energy. May be used to destroy even Fortress's.

Hydro Cannon: Hydrokinesis and Telekinesis combine to create a burst of high-speed water. Can be used to crush even stone walls.

Hydro Cataclysm: Hydrokinesis and Telekinsis combine to create a large storm of water.

Static Shock: Electrokinesis and Telekinsis combine to create a higher-level form of Electrokinesis.

Tera Guillotiene: Terakinesis and Telekinesis combine to create a large-scale earthquake, capable of killing many beings at once.

He will not use any of these to randomly attack someone,
He will only use these if he "has" to defend himself or someone weaker then him.

History: Elysia, is an Ancient Tribal Elementalist, he grew up on the Peaks of Toola. (Icy on one side of the Land, Hot on the other side) Therefore growing up with an Ancient Elemental Tribe. He easily picked up on Aerokinesis, and then moved his way up to Pyrokinesis, and had masters teach him each of these. He's seen many battles and has attended many of them also, trying to find out his true destiny, but still hasnt found it yet. He then realized that choosing the light side, or the dark side. Wont do it for him, and that if he wanted to find his destiny, and find himself, he'd have to bring back world peace to everyone. So he's Neutral.

The Peace Makers. Is not a group, but simply a way of life, him and a few other people are attempting to bring world peace back to the lands that surround us. He will do anything he can to help bring everyone together.

Will work on the rest later.
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Elysia "Peace-Maker"
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