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 Richter Vanderoth ; Character Bio.

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PostSubject: Richter Vanderoth ; Character Bio.   Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:57 pm


Habbo Name: -Silver-Bullet-


Character name: Richter Vanderoth.

Character age: 17.

Character Class: Archer.

Character Race: Elven.

Characters Height: 6'3".

Characters Weight: 147 lbs.

Characters eye Color: Azure Blue.

Characters Personality: Richter is a very quiet person. Despite this, he is very kind and maintains a 'pure mind'. He doesn't want things for himself and will aid anyone in need of his help. Richter doesn't feel fear as much as he used to and treats intense situations quite calmly and maturely.

Characters Past: Richter belonged to a long line of family from the Vanderoth legacy. They lived within a community of elves that belonged to six other families in a small, peaceful valley simply known as "The Hills". When he was about 13 years old, The Hills were raided by a monstrous alliance of drows and ogres, who left the valley in turmoil. Richter witnessed the murders of several elven villagers, including some from his very own family. He was able to do nothing to help them. His older brother Dynus forced him to run away from the chaos, and Richter did as he was told. Looking at the destruction from atop a small a hill, Richter promised himself he would train himself so he would never have to run. Since that day, he has been looking for any sign of members of his family. He shows no resentment towards Drows or Ogres, but at the same time, he doesn't show much respect for them either.

Characters Appearance: Richter is quite tall and has a lean musclar figure. Much of his muscle is upper body muscle and muscle in his legs as well. Richter has a very youthful appearance. He has striking azure blue eyes and messy dark brown hair that covers over his eyes. He has a few Elven tattoos around his body, particularly around his back, chest, and arms. His most obvious tattoo is the Vanderoth family crest that is on the left side of his neck, which all Vanderoths' have. He wears a light chest plate, leather gloves, and a wool cloak.

Characters Weapons:

Richter uses an array weapons, but he relies on one of them the most. The weapon he treasures overall is his Vanore longbow, a tribute to a friend of his father's, but given to Richter by his father himself. The longbow is a blade and sword all in one. It is basically a bladed longbow that has grips where the arrow can be inserted or where the hand can grip to use as a sword. He can load the bow with up to five arrows at a time and has a rapid release rate. Richter has trained with the bow and can switch between melee and ranged attacks quite quickly. The Vanore Longbow can only be used by elves that were from The Hills, as they are enchanted with an aura from each of the seven families. Others who touch this bow, will feel a severe burning sensation that starts with the skin peeling and ends with deterioration of tissues and muscles. With a special chant from the user, this effect can be removed. Aside from his longbow, Richter carries a quiver filled with arrows and has several throwing knives in his side pouch. He also has one claymore strapped to his back.

Richter's Consort:

Richter's consort is a treant by the name of Grimes. Grimes doesn't follow Richter around a lot, so when he needs to be summoned, he will emerge out from the ground where he tends to spend a lot of time. Grimes is a very oddlooking fellow, but is very strong. He has a large pod on his back where he is able to shoot out 4 foot long thorn spikes. He tends to be comical times, as well as grumpy.

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PostSubject: Re: Richter Vanderoth ; Character Bio.   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Richter Vanderoth ; Character Bio.   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:11 pm

Thanks. x]
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PostSubject: Re: Richter Vanderoth ; Character Bio.   

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Richter Vanderoth ; Character Bio.
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