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 Guru Elementalist

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Koron Fl

PostSubject: Guru Elementalist   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:15 pm

Habbo Name: Tarantulah


Character name: Koron Flau

Character age: 3,067

Character Class: Guru

Character Race: Elementalist

Characters Hight: 6Ft

Characters Weight: 500 Pounds

Characters eye Color: Grey + Red

Characters Personality: Calm, Confident.

Characters Past: When he was around 35 years of age, he got into a battle with 3 more elementalists, one darkness, one fire, one water, he could not defeat them, so he toke refuge inside a volcano & there he mastered Rock Manipulation, Wind Manipulation & also turning rocks into lava & manipulating it.

Characters Apparence: Cracked rock body, with molten rock flowing around the cracks. big build. Strongly held magma hair.

Characters Weapons: No weapons
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Guru Elementalist
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