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 Athriku ; The silent soul

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PostSubject: Athriku ; The silent soul   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:40 pm



Habbo Name: Hadrow10


Character name: Athriku

Character age: 16

Character Class: Warrior

Character Race: 2 face

Characters Hight: 6 feet.

Characters Weight: normal? O.o

Characters eye Color: Black

Characters Personality: He is usually nice in human form, and demon form. But when he's pissed, he PISSED

Characters Past: Athriku was born in a small town in finland. He had a younger sister. his mom died from child birth, and he killed hisfather. Athriku discovered his demon side playing in the town park. He got mad at a kid, and started fighting him. when the kid gave him a bloody nose, he went beast mode. He formed up into a dmon, noticing the gills, wings, fur, and claws. He killed the kid, and took all his belongings. He then went to wander with his new found power. he never has been in the town since. He saw his sister once since then, at a beach on the shore of the ocean. She saw him, and he saw her. He was mad. He had forgotten all of his past since then. He tried to attack, but the girl got away. He now wanders around the lands, just living to live.

Characters Apparence:

Characters Weapons: He carries a quiver of poison darts, and a crossbow. The darts have diamond tips. He carries an onyx katana, and a holster on his side. He has a steel chain mace, and a 10 inch field knife. He carries a bag that contains tracking powder, and lighters. In his bag is other useful junk, and an onyx axe.

Demon Form:
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Athriku ; The silent soul
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