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 Lucifer Damien Kast.

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PostSubject: Lucifer Damien Kast.   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:16 pm

NOTE: D.ante Is Now iStupidity

=== Out Of Character Information ===

-x- Habbo Name: D.ante
-x- Real Name: Dantanius Devire Devant.
-x- Sexual Orientation: Male.

=== In Character Information ===

-x- Character Name: Lucifer Damien Kast.
-x- Character Race: Possessed.
-x- Character Class: Mage // Umbraknesis
-x- Characters Age: Three Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Eight Years Young.
-x- Characters Height: Six Foot One.
-x- Characters Weight: One Hundred Seventy Five Pounds.
-x- Eye Color: Dilated With Black Dots.
-x- Hair Color: Dark Blue.
-x- Relationship Status: Single. [ -Tear- No One Loves Dante. ]
-x- Sexual Feelings: Straight.
-x- Zodiac: Gemini.

=== Personal Character Information ===

-x- Physical Attributes:
During Original Dark/Light War:
Demonic State:
-x- Emotional Description: He Is A Nice, Well-Rounded, Relaxed Character, But Is Cocky And Deadly.
-x- Likes: Pain, Tea, Death, Love.
-x- Dislikes: Weakness, Sake, Nature, Not Being Loved.

=== Family ===

-x- Family Last Name: Kast.
-x- Family Members:

Zidane N. Kast [Sithese//Matt]

Romulus D. Kast. [Andre // RollingJoints]
-x- NPC Members: Not Known At The Moment.

=== Character's Arsenal ===

-x- Inventory: Black Gloves, Demon Control Amulet.
-x- Weaponry:
Katana Style:
Broadsword Style:

[i] Read The Below Statement!

-x- Arsenal Equipment Style: The Katana Is Traditional, Sheathed Beside His Right Thigh, It Is Attached To His Belt, Making It Easy To Gain Access Too. The Two Broad Swords Form An "X" On His Back, Both Strapped Into A Special Type Of Sheath, They Can Also Be Attached Together To Create What Lucifer Calls An "Chainsaw Blade".

=== Character's Background/History ===

-x- History:

The New Righteous Kill: Lucifer Damien Kast.
Lucifer Damien Kast, Born Under The Demonic Possessed Kast Family. Lucifer Was Known As The "New Coming" As So His Father Told Him, His Father Has Never Been Named, So Lucifer Does Not Know The Name Of His Father. Nor His Mother On The Other Hand. Lucifer Was Trained For Thousands Of Gruesome Years. From Left To Right, All He Would See Is Pain, Suffering, Tears And Death. As Lucifer Damien Kast Ended Up Becoming The "New Coming" As So His Father Had Told. Lucifer Begun To Train In The Demonic Arts. Controlling His Demon Within, Lucifer Ended Up Overpowering This Demon With Blood And Hate. Creating A New Power, Lucifer Took Out His Father. Brutally Murdered His Mother, And Burned Down The Forest. Self-Claiming Lord Of The Possessed. Lucifer Damien Kast Is Now A Utmost Feared Man Within The Whole World.

< More Chronicles Shall Be Updated During Role Play. >

-x- Addition Information: Lucifer Came From A Large Demonic Family Exclaimed As The Kast Family. This Family Is Known As The Demonic Ancestors Of The Worlds Beings. They Have A Demonic Form Within They're Body. But They Can Only Turn Demonic Towards They're Enemies. Lucifer And His Brother. Possessed Characters Have The Ability To Slightly Control One Element. Not Used In A Well Stated Matter, The Possessed Characters Have Strength That Will Increase Once "Demonized". Possessed Characters May Be Able To Create An Inexplicit Aura. Thus Creating One Large Step To They're Process Of Become The Demon Within. They Have Brute Strength In Such A Body. Yet They Can Also Hold Their Edge. They Have The Noticeable Classes That They Can Choose From. Mostly A Type Of Mage, For Stronger Use In They're Chosen Demonic Arts. Or A Warrior Type, For Better Hand-To-Hand Measures. But All Those Who Are In The "Possessed" Nature, They Must Be Invited By One Of The Other Kast's.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer Damien Kast.   Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer Damien Kast.   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:23 pm

Dude o.o
Your character name is lucifer and your character wears cross.. kinda like jumbo shrimp ;D
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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer Damien Kast.   

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Lucifer Damien Kast.
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