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 Romulus D. Kast

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PostSubject: Romulus D. Kast   Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:37 pm


Habbo; RollingJoints.
Real Name; Andre.
Past Rps; Almost all of them.


Name; Romulus D. Kast
Age; Forty three thousand seven hundred and eighty one years.
Height; 6'2 ft.
Weight; 157 lbs.
Race ; Possessed Human.
Gender; Male
Class; Male

Physical Appearance;

Romulus is a Straight forward guy that's always ready to flirt. As a Human and demon he is sexual. He thinks of himself has responsible; which is normally proved right. He's tactical and believes Real fighting lies within Corruption. Being a man of the Dark.

Signature Weapon; Scythe
His Scythe Rests upon his back at all times, with Daggers at his Sides. The scythe is just as big as him, having multiple chains and sharp blades embedded into it.
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Romulus D. Kast
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