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 The Rise Of The Kast.

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PostSubject: The Rise Of The Kast.   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:00 am

The Possessed Family, Kast.

The Kast Members Are Known To Be The Demonic Ancestors Of The World.

These Members Are:

Romulus D. Kast. [Andre // RollingJoints]
Lucifer D. Kast. [Dante // D.ante]
Zidane N. Kast. [Matt // Sithese]

The Possessed Are Elite Artists Of Many Arts. They Are Known As The Ones To End The Light/Dark War. They Can Commonly Change Into A Demonic Form. With Wings And An Over-Excessive Manipulative Power With One Of The Couple Elements, These Are Known As The: "Possessed Mage". The Warriors On The Other Hand Can Carry A Arsenal Of Weaponry. They Are Known As The Brute Force Of The Kast Family. Other Unknown Possessed Characters Are Somewhere In The World, Waiting To Be Found.
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The Rise Of The Kast.
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