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 Ivoris The Frost Dragon (More Info)

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PostSubject: Ivoris The Frost Dragon (More Info)   Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:12 am


Habbo Name: Eric0005


Character name: Ivoris

Character age: ??? (Looks to be about 1000)

Character Race: Frost Dragon

Characters Height: 10 Ft

Characters Weight: 2000 lbs. (1Ton)

Characters Length: 15 Ft

Characters Width: (Wingspan) 30 Ft Long Wing Span (15 Ft Each Wing)

Characters Eye Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, & White

Characters Personality: Cautious, Calm, Aggressive, Playful

Characters Past: Even though few other dragons walked the earth before him, Ivoris existed on another planet before earth. On that planet were other dragons like him self, Ice Dragons. It wasn't until they got to earth and were renamed "Frost Dragons". Ivoris's Planet was destroyed creating a scatter of there familys and friends. Many went to the planets 3 moons. Ivoris came to earth, Along with him he brought his planets orb. He was the third dragon to set foot on earth. He noticed fire dragons and other types. He kept the Ice Dragon orb safe and now it is embedded in his chest.

Characters Apparence: All white, tinted blue wings, Pearly light blue orb lodged in chest.

He is loyal to people but if he feels threatened he wont back down.

Ivoris will fight more than one, and when hes done he eats the remains.

Spikes rise out of his body when he is defending and attacking.

When settled, has a majestic look that will bring peace into the watchers.

He usualy will be seen with jewelry and other objects that he has found.

Characters Weapons: Ivoris uses his 8 inch long teeth, and 12 inch long transparent claws for offense. He use his icey coating over his scales for primary defence, and under that his secondary defense, almost diamond hard scales.

Characters Orb: Ivoris Protects This Orb, The orb comes from his planet and was the source of its energy. Ivoris brought it along with him when he traveled to earth.

Somtimes changes color to;
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Ivoris The Frost Dragon (More Info)
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