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 Ryunda ; The Darkest of Dark Dragons

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PostSubject: Ryunda ; The Darkest of Dark Dragons   Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:05 pm


Habbo Name: hadrow10


Character name: Ryunda

Character age: about 500-700? Unknown

Character Class: alchemist

Character Race: Dragon

Characters Hight: 27 feet

Characters Weight: 1,800 lbs.

Characters eye Color: Changes from red to black constantly

Characters Personality: He is usually peacefull, but when hes mad, he will destroy anything in his way.

Characters Past: Ryunda was bord is a dark land ontop of a diamond made mountain. He searched peace, but hecould not escape. He was held back by is father, Athendu. He found deep rage and strengh in him, and sescaped, killing 2 dragons in his path. He now lives as a young, very strong dragon in the lands of Neutrals

Characters Apparence: At his worst ;
Normal Nighttime ;

Normal daytime ;

Pissed off ;

Characters Weapons: His long, diamond hard claws can decapitate with one slash, and his teeth are razor sharp, and edged backwrds, therefore you have to go in, to get out. His tail is spiked at the end, and the tail can crush it a sinlge wack.
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Ryunda ; The Darkest of Dark Dragons
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