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 Assassin and Empath.

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Nadia Va

PostSubject: Assassin and Empath.   Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:10 pm


Habbo Name:
KimKakes / ArrivedChaos


Character name:
Nadia Vale

Character age:

Character Class:

Character Race:

Characters Hight:
5'1" ( People underestimate her because of her height. )

Characters Weight:
114 Lbs

Characters eye Color:
A dark sea green/blue.

Characters Personality:
Nadia is a very forward person, when she wants somthing she goes out there and gets it. When she needs somthing, she goes out in the world and finds it. When she has a goal she goes out and acheives it. She is a sort of sweet girl, she is nice to those close to her, although not many people get that close. She also has a very bad temper, which is good for her job as an assassin, being the best in Cultist's army. She always gets the kills on her list, and never fails to do what she pleases. She doesn't like taking orders, and she doesn't take orders too seriously. She can be rather funny, but most wouldn't know that becasue she is usually out in the village getting in some trouble.

Characters Past:
The most anyone knows of her past was that her parents have been assassinated and that the assassin who has killed them recruited her. Being an Empath she has the ability to change one's thoughts and judgements of things, easily taking away someones free will. Having this gift she killed the assassin who killed her parents and gained the trust of his boss. The boss seeing her high ability to use knives and other equipment used to kill, he started to train her. Being the only girl in the Ferternity, and the best at that.

Characters Apparence:

Characters Weapons:

Her usual shown weapons. ( Daggers, Thigh Blades, and a Sword. )

Frag Grenade.

Smoke Grenade.

Fist/Gloved Blades.

Her Second Favorite Dagger.

Her Absolute Favorite Dagger.
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Assassin and Empath.
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