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 lupus wolf youkai

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PostSubject: lupus wolf youkai   Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:21 pm


Habbo Name:Beatuonthehed


Character name:Lupus;;brother is lupusoni;;

Character age:12;;and lupusoni 14;;

Character Class:ninja

Character Race:;;hybrid;; youkai [custom race] Demon

Characters Hight:5"6

Characters Weight:122

Characters eye Color:brown;;lupusoni blue;;

Characters Personality:lazy slacker that doesnt do anything but sleep

Characters Past:his mother had been kidnapped from her husband. He raped her, and thus, Lupus and Lupusoni were born.Had an older sister named Seirei.When Lupus and Lupusoni got to be around 12 and 14, their mother wanted to escape, to take her children and get out. Their father was a very bad influence, abusive and a drunk. The only reason Lupus and his siblings exist is because his father raped his mother. So his mother decided to use a fire as a diversion. She started a fire in their house and ran to the meeting point in the woods. Lupus and Lupusoni were to wait for Seirei to bring them safely to their mother. A few feet behind Seirei, Lupus and Lupusoni were running about a yard apart. A low rumble sounded and the roof caved in right on Lupusoni. Lupus tried to get him out but his body began to burn and dissenagrate. Lupus began to panic and ran out of the house. Little did he know that Before they got out of the house Lupusoni's soul fused inside Lupus's body. After his mother and Lupus and his sister escaped from him, Lupus mother mother went back to her husband. There were mad about one another and passionatley in love.

Characters Apparence:He appears as a small 12 year old boy with brown curly hair and his clothes are usually red and black, he has a scarf that covers his neck and his pants are very loose.
me and juliet lupusoni alone

Characters Weapons: He wields two small katana's and two small daggers

(If youkai)
Animal Form: His animal form is a wolf
wolf form

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PostSubject: Re: lupus wolf youkai   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:00 pm

But i'd add a little more, to your history.
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PostSubject: >;o   Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:26 am

I'll add what I want! WHEN I WANT TO >_<
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PostSubject: Re: lupus wolf youkai   

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lupus wolf youkai
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