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 Kiba the Frost Dragon *Updated*

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PostSubject: Kiba the Frost Dragon *Updated*   Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:04 pm

Subject: Kiba the Frost Dragon Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:41 pm



Habbo Name: ryro94


Character name: Kiba ( Fang )

Character age: 700

Character Class: N/A

Character Race: Dragon

Characters Height: 10 feet 8 inches

Characters Weight: 2 tons

Characters eye Color: Blue

Characters Personality: Calm, patient, aggressive when in battle, and friendly to everyone. Kiba tends to stay out of battle and watches over others while in the air.

Character's Past: Kiba is one of the first Dragons to ever walk the earth. During this period of time, a group of dragons were formed to maintain peace. However, some of these dragons became evil and killed off some of the dragons, leaving only six to live. The six dragons that survived, fled to the highest mountains in order to live. Legend has it that while the dragons were in these mountains, they trained themselves in the art of combat. About 200 years later, Kiba deiced it was time to leave the safety of the mountains and fly about the world in search of a companion. During his search, he met Amber ( see bio ). She befriended him and their bond grew. Soon after, Kiba found out about a mystical set of dragon armor crafted from the heavens. This armor would allow him to become amber's companion. So, he set out to find an angle that would lead him to heaven to acquire the armor. Once he had the armor, he went back to amber who decided Kiba's path. She chooses the way of light. Now the two will set out and save the world from darkness.

Characters Appearance: White and blue scales, markings on lower body and on forehead that represent ice, a large wing span, long claws on his hands and his feet, large jagged teeth, a long tail, and spikes running down his back. Recently, he as acquired magic dragon armor made from the forges of heaven. This armor protects Kiba from most magical attacks, as well as ranged and melee weapons. The armor glows brightly when ever a good deed is done, and shed black magical when ever something evil happens. Along with the many features, it also allows him to communicate with anyone without entering their thoughts ( he can actually talk ). The armor represents all things good, and his bond with his companion, Amber.

Characters Weapons: Kiba uses his long claws to slash his foes into pieces. He uses his teeth to pick up objects and people, and drop them while in the air. His large, spiked tail is also used as an effective way to kill foes with a powerful swing. Unlike most dragons however, he breaths shards of ice instead of fire.

Animal Form: [ N/A]

Demon Form: [N/A]


What he looked like as a baby, and what he looks like now ( without armour)

His fight for the forces of light.

Note: I could not find pics of dragon armor lol, so i wont be uploading them. If you do find some, please reply to this post.
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Kiba the Frost Dragon *Updated*
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