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 Sean Vail..

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PostSubject: Sean Vail..   Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:28 pm

Character name: Sean

Character age: 13

Character Class: Assassin

Character Race: Lycan

Characters Hight: 5'0

Characters eye Color: Green

Characters Personality: Shy, Unwelcoming, Afraid of what might happen.

Characters Past: Sean grew up in a large city with people constantly moving, he lived in a small house with his parents. When Sean was 5 his mother was stabbed on her way back from the market. When i was 11 he joined a street gang that would go out at night and steel from houses. About 6 months later he quit the street gang and slept at night. When sean turned 12 in the middle of the night bandits came into his house. They stole everything and killed Sean's Father. Sean's Father's final words to him were "Sean protect this, don't let anything happen to it it is the only sign.." Sean's Father handed him a dagger with the some words in the ancient language of the lycans engraved onto it just after that his father was killed by a bandit while Sean laid hidden.

Characters Apparence: Sean has light brown hair , he wears both black and white clothes

Characters Weapons: A dagger with an inscription in the ancient language of the lycans

ps- uhm i made my other1 as a guest so i culdnt edit it and change the name so i made this 1 Very Happy
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Sean Vail..
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