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 Fang "The White Reaper"

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PostSubject: Fang "The White Reaper"   Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:17 am


Habbo Name: Cooldudeboom22


Character name: Fang "The White Reaper"

Character age: 15

Character Class: Paladin

Character Race: Lycan

Characters Hight: 5'7" (Human) 4'9" (Wolf) 7'5" (Beast)

Characters Weight: varies between 150 pounds to 250 pounds

Characters eye Color: Blue while human, yellow while wolf, Reddish white while beast

Characters Personality: Quiet, likes to talk with his action's not his word's, very aggressive, intelligent, can be very kind to

Characters Past: When Fang was born a great and treble war was commencing in his homeland. the war was between many lycan's and other creatures alike. many lycan's back then were used as knights and were on both sides. as a result of this Fang's parents decided to not tell fang that he was a lycan till it was time. his father a great knight sent fang and his mother away so they would be able to be safe from the conflict. a couple of weeks later they had gotten news that the castle at which his father was protecting had been attacked and destroyed by a Group of Dark knight's. and also that his father was killed by one specific knight who also happened to be a lycan. at that very moment Fang burst into his Beast form and went beserk after words his mother finally told him that he was a lycan. years past and his mother soon died. after her death Fang departed to become a knight of Light. he quickly became a Paladin at the Age of 13 and every since then has departed to find the one responsible for his fathers death.

Characters Apparence: he has White hair and Blueish eyes. when not in combat he wears a black Short sleeved shirt with a Blue Belt Brown Shoes, & a silver/Grayish Robed Pants. when in combat he wears Crimson Armor with Gold Outlining on the neck and on his left side. he also wears Crimson Robed Pants. with a Gold Belt and Gold Shoes. when in wolf form he is completely White since of his white fur but when in beats mode he wears his armor but still has whitish fur.

Characters Weapons: (Desc. or picture) he is Equipped with a Crimson Lance which bares a Silver Lycan Head as its Hilts Guard. he also has a SIlver Long Sword with a Re Gem on the Bottom of the Hilt and also a Lycans head as the hilts Guard plus it has special Elvish writing on it he can say to preform magic Using his sword. he then has a Elvish Dagger, a Crimson and Goldish Shield with a Lycan Head on it ad Elvish Writing on it's border so he can preform magic with that to
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Fang "The White Reaper"
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