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 Orliath on this account ;D

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PostSubject: Orliath on this account ;D   Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:35 pm


Habbo Name: BowserYoshi29


Character name:Orliath

Character age:18

Character Class:Warrior

Character Race:Elf

Characters Height:6'0

Characters Weight:130 bs

Characters eye Color:Blue

Characters Personality:A friendly elf, Sometimes likes to keep to himself. He is very open to his sister Seirie (Taco ). He is also protective of his sister. Orliath can also be annoying when he wants, a bit like a child now and then.

Characters Past:Orliath was a every day Elf, a normal outgoing friendly elf, who loves his sister Seirie very much! Orliath never payed much attention to his other family members and still doesn't. While growing up, Orliath was entering a world in which he should never have had to see. During a raid one night, one of Orliath's friend was killed by a race in which Orliath still does not know. Ever since, Orliath swore revenge for his friend. Orliath now fights for honour and sometimes to get the words out of others, to whom may have killed his friend

Characters Apparence:

Characters Weapons:

Additional Info: None
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Orliath on this account ;D
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