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 Klaww ; Undead Paladin

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PostSubject: Klaww ; Undead Paladin   Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:31 pm






*20 yrs

*Paladin, Undead

*Light Region


*165 lbs

*No eyes, Drooping Straight, Thick, White hair

* Klaww was raised as a soilder of war. Made to destroy every thing that was light. One day, while travling in his group unit, a Pyromancer and a large group of Firey Swamp Lizards ambushed his group. Tumbling down the large hill, Klaww found a chest sticking out from under a large tree. With a swing of his large blade, Klaww sliced the roots off the chest. Kicking open the lock, Klaww grabbed the paladin armor. In an instant, the full body plate morphed into a Spiked White/Gold Top with Shoulders and the bottom morphed into Bulk White/Gold Knee+shin armor and a White/Gold Chasis. Inside the chest was also a Golden Battleaxe. Klaww quickly rushed up the hill, noticing he was much faster and stonger than before. With 1 mighty slash, Klaww sent a golden light wave across to the lizards, slicing them all, and burning them as well. Then, the battle with the Pyromancer commenced.

* Klaww is brave and friendly. What else must you know?

* All of his Armor is White with a Golden Trim

-Collar peice that extends down to his breastbone, complete with shoulder pads that are spiked (Gold)
-Chasis that covers his, well, pelvis.
-Leg armor that covers his Shins, added with Spiked Knee armor (Gold)
-Pointed spiked shoes (Gold)

* Golden Battleaxe

- Special Ability: When certain light-type skills are preformed with this battleaxe on Dark-reigon enemies, a white burn is added to the attack, doing DoT.
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Klaww ; Undead Paladin
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