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 Ryuu The Dragon Of Light

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PostSubject: Ryuu The Dragon Of Light   Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:52 pm


Habbo Name: Eric0005


Character name: Ryuu

Character age: ??? (Looks to be about 1000)

Character Race: Light Dragon

Characters Height: 10 Ft

Characters Weight: 1500 lbs.

Characters Length: 15 Ft

Characters Width: (Wingspan) 40 Ft Long Wing Span (20 Ft Each Wing)

Characters Eye Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, & White

Characters Personality: Cautious, Calm, Aggressive, Playful

Characters Past: Ryuu was created by god himself, Ryuu was the first dragon of light to ever be created in history. Ryuu brought peace to every land he apeared in. He grew up around people of the light, taking in their traits, he followed the light which brought him much achievement in life. Since Ryuu was the first Light dragon he didnt have a father, mother or a dragon family. He learned to co-exist with the beings of light. Ryuu then started to see the creator's new creations of other dragons. Seeing that they were different than him, he stayed cautious and aware that they may not be the same. Ryuu was and still is the most frequent dragon you'll see around. He is very popular in the Village of Trees, and in the Forgotten City. Ryuu will continue to fight for gods will. Given to him as a gift he beholds the orb of light lodged in his body. Located inbetween the bottom of his neck and top of his chest. Thus allowing him to speak other languages instead of his own. It also allows him to increase his force in power. Ryuu first used this orb by powering up a normal light blasting move of his own and releasing it into another dragon in battle. The bundle of light struck the dragon with full force and disapated it into nothing. Ryuu learned from that day of what power he held.

Characters Apparence: All white, feathered wings, Pearly light white orb lodged in chest.

Characters Weapons: Ryuu used his 1 ft long claws to tear and rip flesh, he also uses his teeth to do the same. The light orb lodged in his chest gives him more power than he weilds him self, it also gives him special abilitys other dragons cannot do.

Characters Special Moves/Abilitys:

Concussive Force Blast: An uncontrolable rage of light energy is shot at the foe. It is so power that it can cause death and disapearance.

Light Force: A concentrated beam of ligth energy is blasted at the foe. 90% of hitting.

Light Energy: Energy is risen from the orb and spread throughout the body of the dragon to heal wounds and mental problems.
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Ryuu The Dragon Of Light
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